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For booking inquiries contact: Viergeni White (Manager)

Upcoming Show Dates:
2/11/15 edmund d. edelman children's court 10:30AM                                      2/18/15 social justice humanitas academy 2:15PM                                             2/19/20 puc lakeview charter 9:30AM/11:30AM                                                2/20/15 puc lakeview charter 2:10PM                                                                    2/24/15 Vista School 1:00PM                                                                         2/26/15 stevenson middle school 11:27AM                                                            2/28/15 Upward Bound 1:30PM

The Blood they Shed is a poetic one man show written by Aaron White, co-director of NAACP Award Winning play, "The Dance: The History of American Minstrelsy." It is a journey that combines both a story telling narrative with sublime poetry.  The story is told from the perspective of a young boy raised in the ghetto on his way to becoming a man in the big city.  The journey through his upbringing is an emotional one that makes you laugh, cry and reflect at the hard truths facing people of all races in today's world.  The powerful tale reminds us of the trail that was blazed by our forefathers with the hopes they had in making a way for future generations to succeed.  

The dramedy unfolds as the show cleverly addresses issues of violence, value systems, discrimination, the influence of negative media and social relationships as well as many other relevant topics facing our society today.  By harnessing the power of music, media and ingenious story telling, The Blood they Shed tackles troublesome issues fearlessly all the while maintaining its integrity and humor. 

The Blood they Shed has gained  momentum and exposure in Southern California and has plans for a national college tour and a feature length documentary.

Social Media:
Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @AaronWhiteLA

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